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Vasculature of the Heart
Cardiology- ECG and Catheterisation Workshop

As a child, in some Bollywood movie, one must have heard the infamous beeping sound from a hospital room, and a squad of doctors just rushing to the patient to stabilise them. That is how relevant, but essential an ECG is in our daily lives.

An Echocardiogram acts as a diagnostic as well as essential prognostic test for certain life threatening diseases like Cardiac Arrythmias, Myocardial Infarction, etc. So, experience a hands on workshop on ECG, its types and how to use it. Expand your knowledge and learn about this essential life saver under the able guidance of trained practitioners. Learn how to apply the leads, how to interpret the readings and take appropriate response.


The second part of this workshop focuses on Catheterisation lab (Cathlab) and its applications. As an important machine to perform ablation, angioplasty, and implatation of cardiac pacemakers, it plays an even greater role in visualisation of the vesses of the heart, internal structure and chambers and subsequent diagnosis of stenosis or regurgitation. So dive deeper into Cathlab, its functioning, and how to utilise it optimally to treat your patient. The workshop further gives an immersive interactive experience and dives deeper into the procedures.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to gain confidence in these skills essential to any

doctor and become proficient on Echocardiograms and Cathlab skills !

Anushka- 9599065022

Ashish Aaryan- 8700199184

Twin Babies
Obstetrics and Neonatal Skills Workshop

Experience a hands-on workshop like no other, focusing on the critical aspects of Birthing, Episiotomy, and neonatal medicine and resuscitation.


This immersive workshop offers a unique opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge in these crucial areas of healthcare. Guided by expert instructors, participants will learn the intricacies of the birthing process, understanding the different stages of labor and delivery. Get simulated hands-on experience with episiotomy (a surgical procedure that aids in widening the birth canal when necessary), mastering the technique and understanding its indications and potential complications.


The workshop also includes interactive sessions on ABG interpretation, where participants will analyse arterial blood gas samples to assess respiratory and metabolic status. Gain confidence in IV therapy administration, practicing proper techniques for fluid and medication

delivery through hands-on simulations. Discover the essentials of IO access, mastering the insertion technique and understanding its role in emergency situations. Lastly, participants will have the opportunity to practice ETI on realistic airway models, honing their skills in securing and maintaining a patient's airway during respiratory distress.


Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to enhance your practical skills in birthing, episiotomy, neonatal resuscitation. Join us for this hands-on workshop and take your medical expertise to the next level.

Shreya Mehta- 9483961720

Arnav Trivedi- 9555970530

Embryonic Stem Cells
Cancer Genomics Workshop

The song of life is sung by a choir of genes and chromosomes banding together to create a beautiful symphony. Sometimes, however, just as a bad singer can ruin the harmony of a group, faulty genes can lead to the downfall of this mesmerising symphony and cause cancer. 

 In this workshop on oncogenomics, we shall explore the various dimensions and applications of Cancer genomics, as guided by a professor and expert on the subject. We shall also be analysing the molecular aspects of DNA and an enthralling discussion on rare and common oncological cases, which will give you a new insight into the art of diagnosis. Expert guidance will also be provided on the hows of research in oncogenomics, such as to make the topic more approachable as an undergraduate research project.

Join us in Meliora as we provide an extensive workshop on cancer genomics which is sure to send your mind atop the roof!

Adwait Sarma- 9037797938

Vaibhav Gowda- 9901818841

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